FleetDundrum Civil has an extensive range of modern plant and equipment

Dundrum Civil Excavator Hire 5 to 50T - Caterpillar 50T 349D

We have a wide range of excavators ranging for 1.5T to 70T with a large variety of attachments and GPS systems.
All machines are fitted with auto locker hitches.

  • Volvo EC700CL
  • Komatsu PC450LC-8
  • Komatsu PC450 Longreach 22m
  • Caterpillar 349DL
  • Komatsu PC350LC-8
  • Komatsu PC300LC-8
  • Komatsu PC350-8 Longreach 19m
  • Komatsu PC228LC-8
  • Komatsu PC220LC-8
  • Komatsu PC138US-8 Knuckle Boom
  • Komatsu PC138US-8
  • Komatsu PC130-8 Longreach
  • Komatsu PC88MR-8
  • Komatsu PC78UU-8 Knuckle Boom
  • Komatsu PC55MR-3
  • Komatsu PC50MR-3

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Dundrum Civil Dumptruck Hire 25T, 30 and 40T - Volvo A30F

We have a wide range of dump trucks from 25T to 50T with or without tailgates.

  • Volvo A40E
  • Volvo A30F
  • Volvo A25E
  • Komatsu HM300-2

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Dundrum Civil Wheel Loader Hire - Volvo L120F

All loaders are equipped with a variety of attachments - buckets, scales, various size forks and lifting jibs.

  • Komatsu WA320 PZ
  • Volvo L120F

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Dundrum Civil GPS Dozer Hire - Caterpillar D65T Power Angle Tilt Blade

All dozers are equipped with GPS and autograde. Both D65 Dozers have PAT(Power/Angle/Tilt) blades and swamp tracks are available for the D6T.

  • Komatsu D155AX-6
  • Komatsu D65EX-16 PAT(Power/Angle/Tilt) Blade
  • Caterpillar D6T Swamp Dozer

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Dundrum Civil GPS Wheeled Excavator Hire - Hitachi ZX170W-3

Wheeled Excavators are suitable for various terrain from finished pavements to site work.

  • Hitachi ZX170W-3
  • Hitachi ZX140W-3
  • Komatsu PW148-8
  • Volvo EW160D

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Dundrum Civil GPS Grader Hire - Komatsu GD555-5

All graders equipped with GPS and ATS.

  • Caterpillar 14M
  • Komatsu GD555-5

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Dundrum Civil Skid Steer Pozzie Track Hire - Caterpillar 279D

Skid Steer Pozzie Track are available with a variety of attachments including 4 in 1 buckets, forks and slit fence ploughs.

  • Caterpillar 259D
  • Caterpillar 279C
  • Caterpillar 279D

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Dundrum Civil Crane Truck Hire - Mitsubishi FS52J

The crane trucks are available with a tag trailer rated to 16 tonne.

  • Mitsubishi FS52J

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Dundrum Civil Float Hire - Drake Quad Axel Float

Both drake floats are capable of pulling up to 50T.

  • Scania R500
  • Scania R620
  • Drake Quad Axel Float
  • 2x4 Dolly

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Dundrum Civil Attachment Hire - Vac Lifts, Rock Breakers, Magnets

  • Atlas Engineering Auto Locker Hitches
  • JB Power Tilt Auto Locker Hitches
  • 8T to 16T Schoenbeck Elite Vacuum pipelifter with
    - Spreader Bar and twin shoes for poly lifting available
    - Large selection of single shoes also available
  • Montabert V4500, BRV55 rockhammer and Atlas Copco HB4200
  • Montabert BRV45, BRV32 rockbreakers
  • GP buckets and Angle tilt mud buckets, various size trench buckets 300mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm,1050mm, etc.,
  • Rippers and Compaction Wheels
  • Angle tilt grader blades
  • Hydraulic rock grabs
  • Hydraulic screening bucket
  • Vibrating plates and various size augers

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